Running the Oregon Coast

This web page is still under construction. I hope to have it finished this summer.

This page describes a run on a small portion of the Northern Oregon coast; from from Seaside to Manzanita. About half of this run is on the road and half on fairly technical trail. This page describes the run as a point to point but there are of course many other options. Scott McQueeney dragged some runners to do this as a 50 mile out and back one winter day. You could also park at Cannon beach and do two smaller out and backs in opposite directions. This page is intended to be a starting point I'd suggest getting books and or maps and figuring out what you want to run.

When To Do This Run

The high point is Neahkahnie peak at 1,631 feet. This is still relatively low so you probalby do not need to worry about snow. In theory you could do this run anytime in winter. In practice I've seen some cold, wet, windy days on the coast in the winter so I'd check the forecast before heading out.

General Route Information

Maps and Reference Information


You probably want to check the weather before heading out. Cannon Beach Oregon is in the middle of the run. This link may take you straight to weather info.

It's a good idea to check with the ranger before heading up to find out if there are any trail closures or other info.

Mileage Splits and Time Estimate

The table below gives mileage

Position Section
Section 1 - Seaside to Cannon Beach - all trail
Seaside Trailhead
Sunset Blvd in Seaside
Ridge Top
~2 miles
~2 miles
At about 1000 feet elev
Hikers Camp
4 miles
4 miles
Viewpoint takes you to old military bunkers
Indian Beach
6 miles
6 miles
stunning beach
Exit Ecola State Park
8 miles
8 miles
Next section on roads
Section 2 - Cannon Beach to Arch Cape Trail - Road or Beach
Hemlock Road in Cannon Beach
4 miles
12 miles
Hwy 101 to Arch Cap
4 miles
16 miles
Use extreme caution
Section 3 - Arch Cape to Manzanita - all trail

Driving Directions

To Start
It's about 90 miles from downtown Portland to the start at Seaside. Try this mapquest link or use the direction below.

Take Hwy 26 West to Hwy 101
Take Hwy 101 North into Seaside.
Take the Avenue U exit (left off Hwy 101).
Take a left onto Edgwood street
Edgewood becomes Ocean Vista and then Sunset Blvd
Follow Sunset for about a mile and park on the left near the end of the road.

To Finish


To give a better feel for this run, you can take a look at the pictures. I've split the photos up into three sections.

Seaside to Cannon Beach
Cannon Beach to Arch Cape
Arch Cap to Manzanita

NOTE: This page contains running information for experienced ultra runners. Experience ultra runners are people who have already completed 50K, 50Mile or longer ultramarathons. The advice on this page is not directed towards hikers or typical 10k recreational runners. No guarantee is made about the accuracy of maps or information on this page. This page is only intended as a starting point for your own research on places to run. Always check route information yourself and be prepared.