Wilson River Wagon Trail

General Route Info
The Wilson River Wagon Road trail is about 2/3 road and 1/3 trail. The road section is is a gradual uphill towards University falls. The scenery is not great but it is not a bad road to run on either.

About the only reason that I can think of running this is to join together the Roger's camp loops with the King/Elk Mtn loop. Make sure you read the directions below, if you miss the left turn then you'll run into the middle of nowhere.

The map below shows the Wilson River Wagon trail from Elk Mtn parking spot and University falls (where you pick up the Rogers Camp loop).

From Elk Mtn parking area, cross HWY 6 to the gravel road on the other side. This road is called South Fork Road or Wilson River Road. The map makes it look like there is a trail but there is not one for at least the first 3 miles. After about 1.5 miles you pass by a South Fork Camp. This is a minimum security facility to house inmates who work in the forest (it actually looks like a nice retreat).

About 2.75 mile in you make a left turn onto Stage Rd. Note, it is easy to miss this turn. Stage road is a left turn just before you cross a small bridge over the Wilson river.

Rest of directions to be filled in...

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