Rogers Camp Route

General Route Info
This is a 9 mile loop which starts at Rogers camp. There is good scenery with no major climbs but numerous rolling hills. On this route you get plenty of water. You cross two branches of the Devils Lake fork of the Wilson, Elliot creek and you get to run by scenic University falls.

In addition to seeing lots of water you will probably get a good chance to see quite a few motorcyles as well. This area is criss crossed with motorcycle routes and, while you don't share the trail, you'll hear them all day.


The map below shows all of the loop (E, D and F).

Rogers Camp Loop

One problem with this loop is to find the start. There are a number of motorcycle trails around there and the start of the hiking trail is not obvious. I'd recommend going around the loop CCW. That way you start at the ODOT station. Once you are on the trail route finding is great. The trail is very clear and trees are painted in blue to mark it.

Close up of start of hike.

Driving Directions
To get to Tillamook Forest from Portland head out Hwy 26. Then take the HWY 6 split towards the town of Tillamook. Rogers camp is located at milepost 34 on HWY 6.

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