Running at Tillamook State Forest

Tillamook state forest is largely unexplored by runners and yet it's a pretty good place to run. There are some motorcylces to contend with near Rogers Camp but there are also some great forests, big hills, rocky/rooty trails, and a fair amount of wildlife.

Compared with other places to run in the Portland area, I would say that the scenery isn't quite as nice as the Columbia Gorge, but it is pretty nice and it is a little closer to Portland (especially for west side residents) and accessible through most of the winter. I think the scenery is better than forest park. The running is also a lot tougher - the wildwood trail is easy in comparison. Check out Tillamook when you want a change from Forest Park.

When To Run Here

You do not climb very high so these trails are pretty much open all year round. But I would not recommend the Elk and King Mtn loop if there is snow in the coast range (elev 3000ft) or if it is icy. These trails have steep sections that I would not want to cover in adverse conditions.

Suggested Runs

There are a number of possible runs to do. The map provides an overview and listed below are are my suggestions.

Hiking trails in Tillamook. Letters correspond to specific trails (see suggested routes below). New trails which are not yet on the official map are marked in orange above.

Note to Mountain Bikers: All of these loops are open to cyclist except for the King/Elk Mtn Loop.


It can be a little confusing running at Tillamook. There are motorcylce trails, a few trails which are not yet on the map, and even Elk trails which can confuse you. It takes a little while to get used to the trails and not get lost. I wouldn't plan on doing the longest run in the park as your first run out here.

What you really should do is contact the the rangers at the phone number listed below. Last time I called them, the map was free I just had to mail a large SASE. Also, I'd recommend getting the hiking map as well as the OHV map (this map shows motorcyle routes which can help you figure out where you are).

Until you get that map, you can download and possibly print the following maps:

Driving Directions

To get to Tillamook Forest from Portland head out Hwy 26. Then take the HWY 6 split towards the town of Tillamook.

Roger's Camp Loops
Rogers camp is located on the left side of the road at milepost 34 on HWY 6.

King Mtn Loops
Elk Creek Campground is located on the right, at milepost 24 on HWY 6.

Other Reference Information

You probably want to check the weather before heading out. Tillamook Oregon seems to be the closest town with any weather information. This link may take you straight to weather info.


These are the folks you contact to get a map.

Forest Grove District
801 Gales Creek Road
Forest Grove OR 97116-1199
Business Phone: 503.357.2191
Recreation Info: 503.359.7402

Tillamook District
4907 E Third St.
Tillamook, OR 97141-2999
Business Phone: 503.842-2545
Recreation Info: 503.842-2545 x750

There is some good information out on the web.

NOTE: This page contains running information for experienced ultra runners. Experience ultra runners are people who have already completed 50K, 50Mile or longer ultramarathons. The advice on this page is not directed towards hikers or typical 10k recreational runners. No guarantee is made about the accuracy of maps or information on this page. This page is only intended as a starting point for your own research on places to run. Always check route information yourself and be prepared.