Storey Burn - Gales Creek Loop

General Route Info
The forest service recently created the Storey Burn trail which connects from the Gales Creek campground over to the Gravelle brothers trail. This trail opens up a new loop to run from the Rogers Camp area. The table below provides the mileage for doing this loop.

Dist CCW
Dist CW
Rogers Camp  
Gales Creek Campground  
Gales/Storey Burn Trail Jnctn  
Storey Burn Trailhead  
Storey Burn/Gravelle Brothers Trial Jnctn  
Rogers Camp  

In addition to the above loop, you can also do the out and back along Gales creek trail. This trail heads out 5.2 miles (one way) to Bell Camp road. Adding on this out and back puts the total at 18.3 miles.

In general, this trail is clear and well marked. The forest services has put in a number of paper/plastic signs indicating distance and letting you know you are on the right trail.

I'd recommed doing this loop CCW. You start off crossing HWY 6 and then heading down the Gales Creek trail. This trial actually goes along Low Divide creek and intersects Gales Creek at the the campground. This is the lowpoint of the loop (and you've dropped 632 feet). From here you climb up to the Storey Burns road. The whole loop probably has over 1000 feet of climbing. However, the climbs are pretty gradual and the trail is in good shape, you may be able to run the whole loop.


The map for this loop is shown below. Route finding is actually pretty straightforward on this loop.

In addition to doing the 7.9 mile loop, you can add up to 10.4 extra miles by doing an out and back up the fork of the Gales creek.

Closup of Rogers camp area at start of hike.

To start this hiking I'd recommending going CCW. Mostly because it is easiest to get started on the trail this way. With a CCW start from Rogers Camp, you cross the highway and pick up the trailhead for the drop down Gales Creek.


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