Current Conditions on Mt. Hood

On this page I'll post current conditions for the run. Please e-mail me your info if you do the run and have information to add that other runners may find useful.

06 Aug 2012

Runners have been doing the circumnavigation for a few weeks. The Eliot crossing is similar to its condition in the last several years with ropes placed on both sides but not really needed. The burn area on the north side has left several sections dusty. While the PCT is in great condition, the other trails have quite a few blowdowns. A bridge over the Sandy River makes that crossing easy..

John L

17 Aug 2009

Since there was recent interest, I thought I’d give an update on the TLine Trail, and the Eliot crossing in particular.

The entire trail was in reasonably good condition with the exception of a large qty of blowdown that needs to be cleared. There were about a half dozen trail crews last weekend working in OK areas, but ignoring the impassable blowdowns (go figure).

All the streams/rivers/creeks were hoppable, including the Eliot, even in mid-afternoon when flow is highest.

But getting down to the Eliot was the most challenging stream-crossing I've ever done. A landslide has taken out the prior trail; further up the gully on climber’s right is a rope that goes down partway, then you pick your way to the bottom. I found the easiest crossing somewhat upstream, where the stream braided into three, so I had three easy crossings instead of one big, hard crossing. Short hops, dry feet.

Coming out the other side toward Cloud Cap was a bear. There was a trail a few hundred yards downstream that only seemed to go about halfway down, plus tales of a rope on that side, too – although it was recommended not to use the rope on climber’s left. We traversed diagonally upward toward the trail atop the moraine; what was (IMO) a very dangerous traverse. The rocks are at their angle of repose, and more than once the scree slid, causing boulders to let loose from above, creating the need to dodge them before they hit your leg (this was how the guy on the W side got pinned last year, necessitating a rescue). With a little care and a bit of scree-slogging we got to the ridge, and then it was a short cross-country downhill to pick up the TLine Trail again (instead of going all the way down to Cloud Cap and back).

Total time from rim to rim – better allow 60-90min.

A note on the Cloud Cap/Tilly Jane road. I spoke with Hood River RS and the road is locked to allow for revegetation after last year’s fire. There is some discussion about opening the gate sometime in September, but no date set nor even firm decision made. All entry is by special permit. Some have found the gate open and driven in, but this is risky as the FS may close/lock the gate behind them when they leave.

Monty Smith

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